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The Loophole is that there is No loophole?

I am a creative mind, I am always searching for the easiest, and more convenient ways to do things and in most cases that involves some sort of a cheat, or a loophole that makes my life easier. Yet, the older that I have gotten the more I have come to realize that there really in some cases are no loopholes, and sometimes if you take a loophole you are really just jumping down a hole that really makes no sense and you dont learn anything. The pain of learning is actually sweet when you can learn to find joy in all that you are doing. recognizing that you are working for yourself I think is the biggest part of it. The tiny change in mindset is kind of all that it takes. Looking at a job like a designer it can be very easy to be intimidated by the idea of working freelance and finding your niche that gets people to come to you and buy your stuff, but when you look at it like a real job and try to keep yourself more accountable, it makes it feel and seem more secure than one would guess. The book "made by James" is written by a logo designer whose style I really like and he says that working with a schedule on something of a 9-5 is the best way to remain consistent and to be ahead and on top of things. it has changed my life as I designer I think in a lot of ways. I dont necessarily work the whole 9-5 sometimes I end up working out mid-day and then I juts extend my work into the evening because I have the time to do so and it really helps when I am feeling passionate about what I am doing. even if I am not passionate about it, the aspect of creating something, anything is something I would choose to do everyday, and I am blessed to be able to chose to do everyday. I think that school is hard, I think that it is hard to master yourself to be able to chose to build yourself up inside to be able to stand by whatever it is that you produce because if you like it there are other people who will, and there are some people that really won't like it and thats honestly not your problem, you are the only you. Even on your worst days your most simple loopholes will still provide better work than that of people around you as long as you have the confidence to stand beside it, your work is you and it is beautiful.

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